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LittleGiantPumpSupply.com is a King Pumps Inc. dedicated website for Little Giant Pumps.  

Little giant pumps

Little Giant Aquarium Pumps

Little Giant aquarium pumps. Little Giant magnetic driven aquarium inline and submersible pumps for saltwater or freshwater circulation and filtration. UL listed, CSA certified. Gravity feed design. Pumps mount horizontally.  

Little Giant Condensate Pumps

The Little Giant Pump Company condensate removal pump units are used as wastewater drain pumps for ice makers, beverage dispensers, drinking  fountains, water coolers and dehumidifiers. Condensate is produced at a rate of up to a gallon per hour by a residential central air conditioning unit or gas condensing furnace. 

Little Giant Pressure Booster System

Little Giant Pumps inline CP variable speed,constant pressure, Model  25LGIL1100N4, item number 90411101, is a complete and packaged system which includes a pump, motor, drive and pressure switch in one box.  

Little Giant Pond Pumps

Little Giant PondWorks pond pumps are designed for continuous operation  for table top displays, fish ponds and Koi ponds, small and large  statuary, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, streams and water gardening.  

Little Giant Sump Pumps- Big John Series

Little Giant sump pumps. The Little Giant Big John Series manual or automatic submersible sump pumps provide efficient, trouble-free service for extended or continuous use in moving large volumes of water. 

Little Giant Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant APCP-1700 Swimming Pool Cover Pump is a uniquely designed  automatic pump ideal for removing water from all types of pool covers. This Little Giant pool cover pump is equipped with an integrated float  switch.