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LittleGiantPumpSupply.com  is a King Pumps Inc. dedicated website for Little Giant Pumps. King  Pumps Inc. is an independent supplier of Little Giant Pumps' products.  Trademarks, brand names and logos are the property of Little Giant Pumps  or its affiliates and are solely used to identify their respective  products. Our goal is to make it easy for customers to purchase the  featured Little Giant Pumps' products from KINGPUMPS.COM. 

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Little Giant Pumps

Little Giant Pump Company origins date back to 1941, when an idea by a  plumber named Doc Wolfe became the world's first submersible electric  motor-driven pump - the answer to the problem of water transfer in  "swamp" evaporative coolers, a forerunner of modern refrigerated air  conditioning. Called "a submersible vaporizer," this unique, patented  pump design became the cornerstone for the hundreds of different pump  models Little Giant Pump Company manufactures and ships worldwide today.  The Little Giant Cpmpany's strength has always been its mission to  solve problems with innovation, quality, reliability and  cost-effectiveness. Every activity of the company, every piece of  equipment, every innovation, is directed solely toward that end. The  Little Giant Cpmpany's comprehensive line now includes wastewater pumps,  sump, effluent and sewage pumps, dewatering/trash pumps, condensate  pumps, magnetic drive pumps, low pressure sewer systems, water garden  pumps and products, and a wide variety of utility pumps.