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Little Giant Ponds, Fountains, and Water Gardening Pumps

Little Giant PondWorks Statuary Pond & Fountain Submersible Pumps


Little Giant PondWorks Statuary Pond & Fountain Submersible and In-Line Water Pumps 45 to 1150 GPH. Little Giant Pumps PondWorks PES series includes pumps for table top displays, small and large statuary, ponds and fountains, waterfalls & streams and all water gardening applications.

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Little Giant PE Series Epoxy-Encapsulated Oil-less Motor Pumps


These Little Giant PE series pumps features an epoxy-encapsulated  environmentally safe, oil-less motor, corrosion resistant body and radial lip seal on the motor shaft. It provides enough power to effectively operate a water garden, statuary, or tabletop fountain.  In fact, it may even be used in some harsh, industrial-type applications. 

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Little Giant Oil-filled Motor Submersible Pumps 120 to 170 GPH


Little Giant P-AAA-WG (523375) fountain and pond submersible pump contains non-toxic mineral oil, providing continuous lubrication for maximum motor life. The 1-A(500203) small submersible oil-filled pump with epoxy coated cast aluminum housing.  

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Little Giant Submersible / Inline Dual Purpose Pumps 150 GPH to 500 GPH


Little Giant 300 GPH to 500 GPH fountain and pond submersible or inline  water pumps. Dual purpose, operate outside in-line (not submersed) or  submersed in the water. These wet-rotor pump, often referred to as a  magnetic-drive pump by other manufacturers, utilizes an epoxy  encapsulated motor and plastic housing. 

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Fountain, Waterfall & Stream Submersible Water Pump


Little Giant waterfall and stream pumps are environmentally safe and  corrosion-resistant. They let you create a variety of fountains,  reservoir features, streams, and watercourses while boosting oxygenation  for life below the water surface.  

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